Online virtual sports betting

The latest craze to hit online sports betting is virtual sports betting. This has become popular thanks to the near-instant results and readily available sports events. You will always find something to place a bet on when you login to virtual sports betting, the events are quick resulting meaning instant gratification. At present the selection of sports on offer is limited in Nigeria for online betting but, this is expected to grow as it becomes more popular.

What is Virtual Sports Betting?

Betway Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting is betting on a virtual sports game. This is not to be confused with eSports, the individual teams or players are not controlled by gaming players. The entire sporting event is determined by RNG (random number generation). The events do take real statistics into consideration so that an educated bet can be made. The matches and sporting events are modelled from existing tournaments and are generated with up to date data to give a realistic experience. Briefly, virtual sports is a computer-generated or simulated sports game.

Which sports are on offer?

  • Virtual Dog Racing
  • Virtual Football
  • Virtual Horse Racing
  • Virtual Tennis
  • Basketball

How does it work?

Virtual sports betting works in just the same way as standard sports betting, the only difference is the style in which the sports event is created. You can login to your account and place a bet on virtual sports betting just like you would for any other bet. But, in this case, you don’t have to wait for hours for the match to start and finish. Virtual sports betting is instant.

How to get started with Virtual Sports betting

You need to have an account with a betting company that offers Virtual Sports betting, we place our bets with Betway. Once you have an account this is the process:

  • Login to your account
  • Navigate to Virtual betting
  • Select the sport and event you want to bet on
  • Make your predictions
  • Confirm your bet by hitting bet now
  • Your bet will appear in your standard bet slip area
  • Wait for the game to result and check if you are a winner

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