A Little More about Roulette

The history of roulette summarises gambling: tons of action, undefeatable odds, and things going in favour of the house. Yet, we still love to spin the wheel. From its humble beginnings, roulette first spread from Europe over the Atlantic to land in the casino havens of Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and then it continued on to Asia. Nearly three centuries after it made its debut, the general set-up of the game has hardly changed, which just goes to show the kind of world-wide appeal it has.

Early Roulette

Roulette can be traced all the way back to France in the mid-sixteenth century. It was then that Blaise Pascal, a French physicist set about developing a perpetual motion machine. While Pascal’s key attempts failed, he did, quite accidentally, come up with a wheel that featured several slots that would eventually come to a stop. Fast forward to the eighteenth century and the English had adopted the roulette wheel, complete with 20 slots split into odds and evens. Some 50 years later, the French got back on the case when Francois and Louis Blanc created a wheel with 36 numbers and one zero. This is the European-style roulette wheel that we know and love.

Land Based Casinos Offering Roulette

As Europeans flocked to land-based casinos to try their luck at the roulette tables, the game began gaining popularity in the New World. French immigrants in America set up a gambling mecca in New Orleans with a game very different to the one played in Paris and Monte Carlo. It was at this time that an early version of the American Roulette wheel was introduced, boasting just 28 numbers and both a single and a double zero. Besides the extra zeros, the American table also features an American eagle slot – an extra slot just for the house. But, once players realised that this slot gave the house a staggering 12.9% edge, it quickly disappeared.

Progressions to Online Roulette

Roulette continued its reign in the casinos for 150 years and the gambling destinations of Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City all adopted the American double zero format, while European casinos stuck to their single zero version. In France, another variant of the game cropped up, which features insurance bets. With French roulette, you can protect your even-money bets should a zero come out by betting on what is called La Partage. Once the 1990s came around, players across the world began to enjoy a myriad of roulette styles, and everyone could enjoy the convenience and thrill of online gambling and online roulette. Today, thanks to online casinos, you can enjoy great classics like French, European and America roulette along with a range of different and fun versions.

Mobile Roulette Takes Over

Roulette has certainly come a long way, but it retains its title as one of the world’s most loved table games. Now, you can even play mobile roulette on your tablet or smartphone. The game is the same: you bet on sections or numbers and watch that ball spin and fall into a slot. You can even enjoy the same immersive gameplay and high-tech graphics on your mobile device as you would on your PC. Online roulette has never been easier!

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