American Roulette

Head over to any land-based casino and you’ll discover row upon row of roulette tables, from the budget stakes to the high roller games where you can wager thousands of dollars in just one spin. Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to get dressed up and head over to a casino – you can play real money American roulette online. But, before you pick a casino and start wagering, it’s worth having a good understanding of American roulette. Once you get the hang of the subtle differences between the European and American versions, you can come out smarter, and hopefully richer.

What Makes American Roulette Different?

Playing American roulette online is incredibly easy. You click on the chips, move them over to where you want to bet on, and click that Spin button. If you’ve ever played European roulette, you will notice a rather big difference with its American counterpart. American roulette wheels feature an extra 00 (double zero) spot along with the usual singe 0 and 36 numbers. It certainly makes betting interesting and gives you an extra spot on the wheel to play with, but it also increases the house edge for the online casino to 5.26%. European roulette usually has a house edge of around 2.7% – so, it’s a big difference. So, the trick is to know your bets and edges and play wisely.

Is There a Strategy for American Roulette?

With a somewhat unfavourable house edge in this online game, you need to bet sensibly. The most important tip we can give you is to avoid the 0 and 00. Just leave them alone. In fact, we’d say you should aim to avoid the single numbers altogether. While it may be 35-1 to hit a single number, the true odds are actually a lot higher, so they are not a sure thing, or even a particularly sensible bet. As with other kinds of online roulette, it is best to stick to the outside bets in the long-term. Colour bets and odds/even bets pay out even money on a 1-2, so make sure your bigger bets are on those even money spots. Then you can start to get a little creative with your American roulette strategy by betting on the columns that pay 2-1. Just make sure your bets are a wise and reasonable percentage of your bankroll. You should never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. When it comes to American roulette, the house has a better edge, hands down. So, that should be reason enough to use a good strategy, whether it’s a system or at least sensible money management. Roulette systems and strategies have been around for many years, with many of them being dismissed as unworkable in the long-run. Yet, the can be fun to try out, especially if you want to play online roulette for free to perfect your gameplay. The Martingale system works like this: you double your bet every time you lose a bet. Once you win, you go back to your original stake. This is a good short-term strategy if you win often. But, a bad streak can lead to some hefty losses. Overall, this is a good system for long-term play if you have a flexible budget. The best advice we can give you for American roulette: have fun and gamble sensibly!

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